Garden 11 Broadway Avenue, Toronto
We faced challenges with this townhouse garden, which sat on the roof of an underground garage for a combination condominium building, townhouse units and multistorey commercial building.  Insufficient soil depth was our most pressing problem.  We resolved this with thorough waterproofing details and building up the soil.
The pond and fountain had waterproof features which protected the roof of the garage. Throughout the summer months, the illuminated garden provided great ambiance for outdoor dining, parties and contributed greatly to the owners' enjoyment.



Garden Chaplin Crescent, Toronto
This house was situated against a corner of the property.  We had the great advantage of working with a large amount of land in the middle of the city.  The architect sought a variance with the Committee of Adjustment allowing for the building of a pool and spa against the shorter side of the property.  A challenge was to save all the existing large trees on the site.  We worked with the theme of creating a spa-like resort.  All movable furniture and tent coverings were done in white, inspiring a garden-ready venue for a wedding. . .